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Marc Maron is a comedian and host of “WTF With Marc Maron”. Maron recently catapulted into the spotlight after President Obama agreed to come to his garage where he records his popular podcast. Maron recently took the stage at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) for a two-hour comedy set. The nearly 3,000 seat capacity venue was filled to see Maron’s interesting brand of comedy that combines anger and neuroses. But Maron started his set by saying, “It’s going to be hard to present myself as unhappy”.

Maron, continued his self-aware routine on his interview with the President. He was also obviously aware of the venue as well. BAM is known for hosting a wide variety of shows from plays, to concerts and even just conversations and interviews. Maron’s set was more like a physical one-man show than his normal comedy routine.┬áMaybe this is the new Marc Maron, joyful and still hilarious.

Though the angry, neurotic comic┬áhas become cliche, Maron has never been easy to fit into a mold. His show at BAM demonstrated that his talent and success has little to do with a common comic stereotype. Many of Maron’s peers describe him as a comic’s comic which is a way of saying he is very funny and talented but doesn’t appeal to a larger audience. Whether this is the new Maron or just him on a bigger stage it seems more like America’s comic than just a comic’s comic.

The podcast is a lot like his act. It is very conversational, and his stories are told with perfect tone and cadence. The dramatics he added to the set were entirely complementary to this tone and cadence.

The appeal of Maron has been made apparent by his podcast and his show is definitely worth a few bucks. But maybe this show at BAM was too perfect, where the audience got the grit of a comic’s comic right before his rise to fame.